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  2. Download a Registration Form PDF.
    • Send the completed form to us via email at or snail mail.
    • Or print it and fill it out. Please bring it to your first session
  3. Come early to our office for your first session to fill out the form. Get Directions

Making your payment.

What happens then?

We'll follow up with an email or phone call with information and a referral to an instructor, class or ensemble.

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West Bank School of Music offers private lessons, group classes, bands and ensembles and in-home lessons.  The prices below take effect July 1, 2011.

Private lessons.

Number of Lessons 30 Minutes 45 Minutes 1 Hour
Single $29 $43.50 $58
6-Lesson Plan $157 $235 $313
10-Lesson Plan $247 $370 $493
12-Lesson Plan $296 $444 $592
  • You can purchase the number of lessons you want: once a week, every other week, or on an occasional basis. The minimum number of lessons for a plan discount is six.
  • Every student beginning private lessons pays a one-time, $15 registration fee. Pay registration fee
  • All lessons must be paid for in advance. WBSM requires payment at least 3 days before a scheduled lesson.
  • Private lessons must be used once every two weeks, or those lessons are forfeited.

In-home lessons.

Please contact us for more information.

Group classes.

Class price for six 90 minute sessions is typically $127, but check our class schedule or contact the office for more details. Please call or email us to see if your class is available before you make a payment.

Bands & Ensembles.

Fees for six 90 minute sessions range from $127 to $150 and vary by instructor.

Ask about our gift certificates.

They're available for various lesson packages, classes and workshops.

Financial Aid

The West Bank School of Music strives to provide the joy of music with the community through music scholarships, discounts for families with school-age children and young people, veterans and Social Security recipients.

The Warren Park Scholarship Fund.

Established in honor of the school's founder, Warren Park, the fund helps students demonstrating financial need pursue their passion for music. These scholarships:
  • Offer a discount of 10 to 40% off each session's tuition.
  • Are granted as funds allow.
  • Are for currently enrolled students.
  • Require a letter of recommendation from one of our faculty members.
  • Are given quarterly. Application deadlines are May 1 (for summer), August 1 (for fall), November 1 (for winter) and February 1 (for spring).
To apply, contact us or download the application form.

The Bill Hinkley Scholarship.

Established in honor of our beloved colleague and mentor, Bill Hinkley, who taught guitar, mandolin, and fiddle at West Bank School of Music for almost forty years before passing away in spring of 2010. This scholarship:
  • Is offered to a student age 12-25 of at least an intermediate level of ability who shows promise on the violin.
  • Preserves and extends Bill's marvelous legacy by encouraging another generation of musicians to study and perform the music that he loved.
  • Provides a full year's worth of 45 minute private lessons with a WBSM instructor, up to 48 lessons in a 12 month period.
To apply, contact us or download the Bill Hinkley Scholarship Application Form.

Discounted Lessons

Discounts are available for children and young people whose families qualify for free or reduced-price lunch; veterans; senior citizens; individuals receiving Social Security benefits; and families/students taking lessons in more than one instrument.
Lessons 30 minutes 45 minutes 60 minutes
Single lessons $25 $35 $46
6 lesson package $150 $210 $276
10 lesson package $250 $350 $460
12 lesson package $300 $420 $552

Registration fee discount.

New students who demonstrate financial need may request a waiver of the one-time $15 registration lesson fee.


Thank you very much for choosing to study at West Bank School of Music! This page contains important information on school policies and how to get the best value out of your music education at WBSM.

Make the most of your lessons, class, or band experience.

  • Regular weekly lessons, classes, and rehearsals with homework assignments reinforced by daily practice are routines that allow you to make the most progress
  • Thirty minutes or more of practice every day is good, but when you're busy, try for 15-20 minutes. Doing something each day, even for a short time, helps you progress
  • Work with your instructor to set your goals and monitor progress toward those goals monthly.

General refund policy.

Refunds are not available for WBSM lessons, classes, bands, or workshops unless the school cancels the activity.

Policies for private lessons.

Using your lessons.
All WBSM lessons are sold with the understanding that those lessons are to be used once every two weeks, or those lessons are forfeited. The best way to ensure that you have a plan to use your lessons in timely fashion is to commit to a regular weekly lesson on the same day at the same time. You can schedule them at least 6-8 weeks in advance if a weekly lesson at the same time is not possible.
Canceling a lesson.
To cancel private lessons, contact your instructor and our office 48 hours prior to your scheduled lesson time. If you cancel with less than 48 hours notice, your instructor reserves the right to charge you. Make-up lessons can be scheduled with your instructor and must take place within the time spans indicated in the grid above. If your instructor cancels a lesson with less than 48 hours notice, you can request a makeup lesson free of charge.
Refunds on lessons.
Refunds are not available for private lessons at WBSM.
Registration fee.
For each student taking private lessons, the school charges a $15 registration fee. The registration fee may be waived for those who demonstrate financial need. For students who stop taking WBSM lessons, or other programs, registration fees are good for three years from the date of purchase.

Policies for classes, bands and workshops.

If you cancel your enrollment.
There are no refunds available for students who cancel their class, band, or workshop enrollment.
If we cancel a class, band, or workshop.
If the school has to cancel a class, band, or workshop we will issue a pro-rated refund to all students for any remaining sessions.

Policies for gift certificates and student privacy.

Valid dates for gift certificates.
WBSM gift certificates do not have an expiry date. They are limited by the face value (dollar amount of your purchase) printed on the certificate. Once redeemed, gift certificates are subject to the timelines in the table above.
Our privacy policy.
Information collected by the school will not be shared with, sold or rented to any other organization. We respect your requests regarding use of your information. Photographs taken during lessons or events may be used for publicity purposes on our website or in promotional materials. Questions? Contact Us.

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Private Lessons:
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Group Classes:
Typical class price is $127 for six 90-minute sessions. To pay for a group class, enter the student's name and click the "add to cart" button.
Bands & Ensembles:
Typical base cost is $127 for six 90-minute sessions (check with our office). To pay for six sessions of band rehearsal, choose the rate for your group from the menu below and click the "add to cart" button.

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