How to Get Started

Your needs and goals come first. Whether you're a performing musician or have never picked up an instrument, our instructors will teach you in the way you learn best. They cover a wide range of classic and contemporary styles.

Getting started is easy.

  1. What type of music instruction are you looking for?
    • We offer private lessons in many instruments to students of all ages.
    • To see if we have a group class you'd enjoy, view our current class schedule
    • If you want to make music with others, learn more about our band & ensembles program
    • We have some programs for toddlers and school aged children
  2. See our fees.
  3. Get to know our instructors.
  4. Have questions? Contact us.
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Instruments & Voice A-Z

Private Lessons

Private Lessons PhotoWhether you are a beginner or a seasoned performer, our instructors will work with you to establish goals

Getting Started

  • Let us know your instrument and level of experience.
  • We'll give you a quick interview to help you find the instructor who's the best fit. When you're ready, call us at 612-333-6651.
  • You'll discuss your goals and schedule with the instructor before you start.
  • You can take lessons at the school, at an offsite location, or at your home (at a higher cost). Check out our fees.
  • Once you're comfortable that you have the right instructor and have settled on your lesson time, it's time to register and pay.
  • Please visit our Policies page for more information on time limits for using WBSM lessons and canceling, or rescheduling lessons.

Make the most of your private lessons.

  • Regular weekly lessons with homework assignments reinforced by daily practice are routines that allow you to make the most progress;
  • Thirty minutes or more of practice every day is good, but when you're busy, try for 15-20 minutes. Doing something each day, even for a short time, helps you progress; and
  • Work with your instructor to set your goals and monitor progress toward those goals monthly.

Taking a trial lesson.

You can buy a single trial lesson. If you then decide to sign up for a lesson package, we will apply the payment for that first lesson to the cost of the larger package.

We work with students on tight budgets.

Learn about our payment plans and financial aid.

Children's Programs

Choose the program that's best for your child.

Children's Program

Our children's programs include private lessons, classes for children and young people, regular classes, ensembles and summer camp.

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Benefits of music education:
  • Better intellectual development.
  • Higher academic achievement.
  • More self-confidence.
  • Resistance to chemical abuse.

Private lessons for children and young people.

All our instructors are experienced in showing young students how to have fun making music and how to develop sound musical habits.

Often children and young people are ready to start learning about music when they show interest in learning to play or sing. Depending on the instrument, very young children may have physical and learning limitations, so speak to our director for advice.

Regular classes for more experienced children and young people.

Our classes are geared towards adults; however teenagers and younger students can keep up if they have some musical background. See our complete Current Class Schedule.

Ensemble fun for young musicians.

Ensemble experience will help students junior high age or older learn how to play better with others, hone their listening and practice skills, gain valuable performing experience, and learn new songs.

Group Classes & Schedule

Fall 2015 Classes

The fall/winter class schedule is coming soon.

Bands & Ensembles

Learn and have fun making music with others.

Join one of our ensembles: a group of students who play a variety of instruments. Each ensemble is led by one of our instructors. All are professional musicians who work with a variety of experience levels and musical styles. The ensemble members and instructor set their goals, choose music, work on arrangements, and rehearse weekly. The instructor often plays with the group.

Benefits of playing in an ensemble.

  • Get expert help in matching you up with others who think like you musically.
  • Improve your sense of timing and hone your listening and practice skills.
  • Pick up songs you might not otherwise learn.
  • Experience the joy of musical collaboration.
  • Make enduring musical friendships.

Ready? Sign up now.

  1. Decide what level best fits your goals. (See ensemble levels below).
  2. Fill out the Ensemble Application Form.
  3. Check out the fees.
  4. Mail or email us your application for review. Some bands require a follow-up audition. Have questions? Contact Us.

Our ensemble choices.

American Folk Music Dale Dahlquist
Balkan Folk Music  
Bluegrass Bill Philipp
Blues Contact us
Celtic Jim Plattes
Gypsy Jazz Jim Plattes
Jazz-Fusion, Jazz-Rock  
Rock Contact us
Teen Rock Contact us
Vocal Bobbi Miller

Ensemble program descriptions.

  • Celtic Band for Youth or Adults
    Instructor: Jim Plattes Join this group and learn traditional jigs, reels, hornpipes, polkas, and airs.
  • Gypsy-Jazz Band for Youth or Adults
    Instructor: Jim Plattes Inspired by the Hot Club music of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli, this band offers students an opportunity to play classic swing music on stringed instruments and has room for 2-3 guitars, violin, string bass, clarinet, and maybe even a little chromatic harmonica.
  • Jazz and Jazz-fusion Bands for Adults
    Caterwaul features original music composed by two of its members. Laughing Sweaters specializes in vocal arrangements, and Good Question is building its repertoire of jazz standards.New ensembles are formed based on student interest and skill level.  These ensembles represent the core of a wonderful music community of like-minded adults, highly motivated students of jazz who meet weekly to rehearse, and work hard to develop their improvisation and composition skills.  Invariably, the participants are very supportive, friendly, and bring wonderful energy to the setting. We ask for a minimum 9 month commitment, September to June. The more accomplished groups occasionally perform in the community.